After five years in newspapers, Cornelius Alexander moved into media relations as an information officer at New Scotland Yard. He went on to work for Ken Livingstone at the Mayor of London’s Press Office, healthcare in London and Vancouver, Canada and was media relations manager at London Probation Trust.

A CIPR Fellow, he has served on the board of the Vancouver Chapter of the Canadian Public Relations Society. An active member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, he serves on the National Council as well as on the committees of the Greater London Group, Local Public Services Group, Policy and Campaigns Ctte, and the Interim Editorial Board. He is a member of the CIPR’s Diversity Working Group (now the Diversity + Inclusion forum) and was its first Chair.

He is a Founding Chartered PR Practitioner and recently adviced on how the status is to awarded in the future.

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Cornelius in trench coat in front of BBC
Cornelius Alexander
Why PorthKornow?

In the late nineteenth century, the small Cornish beach at Porthcurno was the British termination of early submarine telegraph cables, at its peak connecting England to far-flung places such as India and South Africa. Despite its size, Porthcurno was still pivotal to communications because of its strategic position. This notion inspired me to form my own consultancy.

I chose the alternative Cornish version of the name as it ties in with name it was known as in the early days of transatlantic communication, PK. The logo is made up of both this ‘handle’ and the Morse code for PK.

Here is more on the subject:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01wsdlh

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